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Hippology is an activity that can enhance learning for 4-H members by letting them
exhibit their knowledge and understanding of equine science and husbandry in a
competitive setting. The term "Hippology" comes from the Greek "hippo", meaning
horse, and "ology", meaning "the study of". Participants will be able to demonstrate
their experience and knowledge gained in horse judging, quiz bowl, speeches, and
practical horse management during a state wide competition in the spring.

Phases of the state wide contest include a written exam, identification of items shown
on slides, judging, ID stations including feedstuffs, and team problems.

If you would like to coach an individual/team or compete in Hippology, please contact
Linda Willman ( or Lisa Kelley ( for further
information.  Teams do not have to be club specific.  

Links to Resources and Study Guides (The Rules link has a list of resources used for
testing during the competition)

Michigan 2020 Hippology Rules

Horses Extension Website    (Has lots of great articles)

Equine Terms

American Youth Horse Council

The Bit Guide

The Book of Horses Medical Anatomical Vocabulary Terms

Cornell Hippology website

Virginian Cooperative Extention resources

Arizona Cooperative Extension Resourse

NC State Extension Resources